Very Dark Brown Hair Dye


Product Overview

Very Dark Brown hair dye is suitable for darkening blonde to medium brown hair, or grey hair.

This 100% organic, Soil Association certified natural hair dye is made entirely from botanical extracts, and is free from all artificial chemicals, PPD, ammonia, peroxide and metallic salts. Unlike synthetic and near-natural hair dye, it leaves your hair with increased shine and vitality.

The 110g pack is a full-sized natural hair dye, while the 10g pack is a small sachet sample of the dye, for the purpose of strand testing on hair or patch testing on skin. It comes with full instructions.  The pack provides enough color for average shoulder length hair. If your hair is thick or long you may need more.

The pack also includes full instructions, latex gloves and cap.

The likely result of Very Dark Brown Hair Dye on different hair colors:

- On white or grey hair this hair color may be medium to dark brown. 

- On medium to dark blonde hair it may be a dark brown shade. 

- On medium to dark brown hair it may be a very dark brown to black shade. 

- If your hair is a salt-and-pepper mix of brown and white, then the overall effect will average out, with the white hair going lighter brown and the brown hair going darker brown. 

Repeated applications will build up a darker shade. 

Although we do our best to formulate this hair color so that you get a good color, we cannot guarantee the color because everyone’s hair is different and will take the color slightly differently. 

There may also be slight variations in color result between different batches of our organic hair dye, due to the nature of the plant ingredients which are affected by varying climatic conditions from year to year.

Strand test

To avoid an unexpected color result we recommend you strand test a small section of your hair before applying It’s Pure Herbal Hair Color to your entire head of hair.
It is especially important to do a strand test if your hair has been chemically lightened with peroxide as this could affect the color result - it can make your hair more porous and thus absorb the color in an unpredictable way.

You may experiment with mixing different shades of It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colors together, to get your own unique shade. However we do recommend you strand test first as we cannot guarantee the outcome of your own combinations.

Very Dark Brown Natural Hair Dye Ingredients:
Indigofera Tinctoria Powder (Indigo Powder), Lawsonia Inermis Powder (Henna Powder), Emblica Officinalis (Amla Powder), Azhadiracta indica (Neem Powder).