Young & Mature

Young & Mature

Our skin goes through different stages at different ages and Odylique is here to nurture your skin whatever it's going through. 

What does anti-ageing really mean? We can’t stop the clock, but we can slow it down a little with the best anti-ageing skin care so that we can feel confident our skin looks its best at any age. The best anti-aging cream should encourage healthy cell regeneration whilst providing daily protection against external aggressors.  

Our genetic (intrinsic) ageing is predetermined but fortunately we do have some control over external factors or (extrinsic) ageing, such as that caused by sun damage or chemical irritants. Apparently, our skin’s production of skin firming collagen starts to slow down in our 20s, so it’s never too early (or late!) to invest in protecting your skin from those influences which accelerate the ageing process. 

In other words, anti-ageing skin care is about taking good care of our largest organ and safeguarding it from premature ageing. Getting older is a fact of life – but looking it doesn’t have to be.  

Anti-wrinkle creams may disguise wrinkles for a few hours with temporary tightening and optical blurring pigments without addressing the underlying condition. The best anti-aging cream takes a multi-faceted approach to enable the skin to achieve and maintain as youthful an appearance as possible. This involves protection against the known ageing effects of climate, pollution, irritation and inflammation as well as actively encouraging collagen synthesis, line reduction and improvement in skin tone and texture. Thanks to current research we know that Nature has the means to provide all this in spades and we harness those precious bio-active elements in our unique anti-ageing skincare!

We go beyond organic by selecting virgin plant oils and active extracts prepared with minimal processing and without heat to conserve their high levels of anti-oxidants and other vital nutrients so important in anti-ageing skin care.

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