Chestnut Hair Dye


Product Overview

Suitable for coloring blonde to light brown hair. Chestnut is warmer than the It's Pure Natural Brown shade. The lighter your hair the more towards auburn the color result will be.

This 100% organic, Soil Association certified Chestnut Hair Dye is made entirely from botanical extracts, and is free from all artificial chemicals, PPD, ammonia, peroxide and metallic salts. Unlike synthetic and near-natural hair dye, it leaves your hair with increased shine and vitality.

The 110g full-size pack provides enough color for average shoulder length hair. The 10g pack is a small sachet sample of the dye, for the purpose of strand testing on hair or patch testing on skin. It comes with full instructions. If your hair is thick or long you may need more than one pack.

The pack also includes latex gloves and a cap.

Likely color outcome of Chestnut Hair Dye on different hair colors:

The resulting color outcome after using this hair color does vary on different people's hair as it depends on your individual hair structure and chemistry, and the color of your hair before using it.

- On very light colored gray or white hair it may turn more of an auburn color. 

- On dark blonde to light brown hair it will be less auburn and more of a warm brown.

- On medium brown hair the color will less noticeable as on lighter hair colors (but if you have gray strands it should color them with a highlight effect).

- If your hair is a mixture of light to medium brown and white, then you will get an average effect, with the white hair going more like auburn highlights and your brown hair being a richer brown.

- On dark brown hair this color will probably not show up.

Leaving the paste on for a longer time will make the color stronger. If you want a deeper color you may also build up the color with a second application.

Strand Testing:
If it is the first time you have used this hair color we fully recommend doing a strand test first before putting the hair color all over your hair, because the color outcome can vary depending on each person's hair. We also suggest waiting 24 hours after the strand test to see how the color develops, because the color will oxidise over time and strengthen.

You may experiment with mixing different shades of It’s Pure Organics Herbal Hair Colors together, to get your own unique shade. However we do recommend you strand test first as we cannot guarantee the outcome of your own combinations.

Full instructions and tips are enclosed in the packet along side our organic hair dye and the following is a brief summary:

The powder is mixed into a paste with warm water and then pasted on to your hair in sections. It is left on for 1.5 to 3 hours before washing off.  The longer you leave it the darker the color will be. You may apply the paste with an applicator or tinting brush but we recommend using just your gloved fingers to apply the paste.

The true color takes a few hours to develop
When you first wash out the color it will often not be the full depth of color but it will gradually darken to its true color.

If you have used henna and indigo before you will understand that after washing it off your hair it takes time for the color to oxidise on your hair. It can be likened to a cut apple - at first it the apple is white and then as it oxidises in the air it goes brown.

Chestnut Hair Dye Ingredients (all 100% organic):

Indigofera tinctoria (indigo) powder, lawsonia inermis (henna) powder, cassia auriculata (cassia) powder,  emblica officinalis (amla) powder