Expert Advice

We want beautiful healthy looking natural hair, but sometimes this takes some extra TLC and picking the right products for your hair and scalp.

At Odylique we love organic natural ingredients and combine these to make great hair care products that are gentle and effective.


Eat your hair heathy -
A bad diet is one of the biggest reasons your hair might not be glowing with health, but happily upgrading your diet isn't that hard to do. Drinking more water will help hydrate both your hair and skin, while adding foods rich in proteins and Vitamin A will make a big difference. If you find eating healthy hard try juicing as this is a great way to get a vitamin punch into your daily diet.

Don't over wash your hair -
While you want clean hair over washing will strip away all the natural oils and can make your hair appear less healthy.

Avoid over styling and harsh chemicals -
Hair can be very fragile especially when wet so be gentle when drying and styling. Harsh chemical both in salon treatments and at home can cause even more damage, even shampoos and conditions can contain some very strong chemicals so always look for hair products that use gentle natural ingredients.

Look for great ingredients like Aloe Vera -
Aloe Vera is a wonderful ingredient for hair care as it is so soothing and moisturising especially if you have a very dry hair and scalp. We used Organic Aloe Vera juice in both of our award winning shampoos.

Sleep well -
A good night’s sleep helps you manage stress levels and stress can really affect your hair and skin.

Give your hair a treat -
We all like a treat now and then and your hair is no exception so give it a weekly treat with Odylique Ultra Rich Balm, this will really help add moisture to dry ends. In addition you can use Ultra Rich Balm on any areas of dry skin from cracked heels to lips making it great value and a hand bag must have. 

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