Age Spots

Age Spots

Age spots, often called liver spots, tend to appear as flat brown, tan or black coloured spots which can occur anywhere on the face or body as a result of increased pigmentation. The best way to approach treating the cosmetic issue of age spots is to try and repair and protect the skin from both current and further damage. 

The causes of age spots tend to be from an excess production of melanin, which can arise as the result of factors such as skin ageing, sun exposure, or any other kind of ultraviolet light exposure. More often than not they appear in the areas where you are most exposed to the sun.

While age spots are much more common in people over the age of fifty, they can also be experienced by younger people, especially those who are exposed to the sun more often and also those with very fair skin. Age spots are not a serious condition, but they are often a source of concern for cosmetic reasons. The use of natural and organic skin care with proven regenerative ingredients can sometimes be the best option for protecting the skin from further sun damage and repairing the cells that are already compromised.

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