Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin around or under eyes and anywhere on the face feels taut and uncomfortable. In extreme cases, this results in flaky skin on the face, leaving a rough and dull appearance. Particularly after washing, dry skin on face cries out to be moisturised. Dry skin tends to be fine textured, which is a plus if well cared for, but is also prone to premature fine lines and will benefit greatly from the protection of anti-oxidant, anti-aging skin care.

Facial skin is particularly sensitive and its natural protective balance of oil and moisture can be upset by exposure to a dry atmosphere and the irritant chemicals, harsh detergents, synthetic perfumes and preservatives found in many skin and body care products and make-up. All are known to contribute to dry, flaky skin conditions, dermatitis, inflammation and the flare-ups of eczema.

Products consisting of easily absorbed vitamin-rich plant oils and natural actives provide the skin with the nutrients it needs for repair, balanced hydration and protection against the aging effects of sunlight and pollution. By also choosing certified organic products with their guarantee of purity and freedom from any potentially irritant chemicals, your skin will thank you for its dry skin relief by looking its best.  

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