It's Pure Natural Hair Dye FAQs

How Do I Use the It's Pure Natural Hair Dyes?

The hair dyes are in powder form which you mix with warm water to a yoghurt-like consistency and then apply with a brush or gloved fingers to clean hair. The time to leave on before rinsing our with water depends on the color intensity you would like to achieve. Typically the leave-on time is 2-3 hours. Full instructions, gloves and a cap are provided with each hair dye.  

Chestnut Hair Dye - Natural Henna 

Can I use the hair colors on top of chemically-dyed hair?
Many customers have successfully used It's Pure hair color on top of chemically-dyed hair, but you have to be careful because it will affect the way the color takes; the color could be unpredictable and not what you expected. The following points should be considered:

1. It is best to wait 5 or 6 weeks after a chemical dye.
2. It is important to strand test the chemically-dyed hair first to check that the color is what you want before putting on your full head of hair.
3. If your hair is bleached it is especially important to strand test because bleach changes your hair structure and makes it more porous and so the color can appear more brassy or go a strange color.

Can I used It's Pure hair colors when pregnant?
The UK's National Health Service (NHS) advice is that 
vegetable or herbal hair colors such as ours are safe during pregnancy. It's Pure hair dyes are used by many pregnant women.


Can I use the hair colors while undergoing chemotherapy?

Our hair colors are quite different to chemical dyes as they are all natural and henna based and usually doctors are fine with them but it is always good to check in case your condition is different.

If you would like to show your doctor the full ingredients list of the products these are on the corresponding product pages on the website, on the packet, or alternatively we can send you a document listing the ingredients of all the hair colors we sell.

Are your hair colors permanent?
The longevity of the hair colors depend upon which shade you use and how porous your hair is. For example the hair at the roots tends to fade more quickly than the hair at the ends which is more weathered and therefore more porous.

In terms of shades, the red shades are virtually permanent. The brown or black shades tend to last on average about 3 to 4 weeks on the roots, but they can become permanent on porous areas of your hair like the longer lengths of your hair.

Do It's Pure hair colors cover gray?
Most of our customers use them to cover gray. They will not cover gray as strongly as chemical dyes. Where you have gray hair it will usually be a lighter color to the rest i.e. if you have some brown and some gray hair the gray hairs will usually come out lighter than the brown hair. See the color chart below.

Can you lighten your hair with It's Pure hair colors?
No they will not lighten your hair as they do not contain peroxide

Can I use It's Pure hair dyes if I am allergic to chemical dyes?
Many many people who are allergic to 'conventional' hair dye find that they can. It's Pure colors are completely different in composition to synthetic chemical dyes. They are natural and henna-based without PPD, peroxide, ammonia or any other common hair dye chemicals. However, allergic reactions may occur in rare cases - this is the same with many natural products, such as nuts or strawberries, that people may have allergic reactions to even though they are natural.

To be sure of whether you will react to a hair color it is best to perform a patch test 48 hours prior to putting the product on your scalp. To do a patch test, put a small amount of dye on the inside of your elbow. If any reaction occurs (itching, flakiness, redness) you may have a reaction to the hair color.

What is the best shampoo to use on colored hair?
Herb Shampoos work well in conjunction with It's Pure dyes, as they are gentle, sulphate-free and do not strip color from the hair.

If I get the herbal dye on my skin or hairline can I wipe it off easily?

It's Pure dyes will wash off the skin, but it also helps to apply a thin layer of Ultra Rich Balm along your hairline (but not in the hair) prior to applying the dye.


Here is a color chart of the It's Pure natural hair dyes and likely outcomes: