Ingredients We Avoid

Our 30-year focus on sensitive skin means that we also have a unique position on potential allergens. We avoid all synthetic chemicals and possible allergens. 

We use the  ‘precautionary principle’ to determine whether we feel an ingredient is acceptable for use in our organic health and beauty products. This means that if any research casts doubt over the safety of an ingredient to humans or the environment, we will not use it in our products; it’s the ‘if in doubt, do without’ rule!

This leads us to avoid all synthetic ingredients, common irritants and allergens (and because of our focus on very sensitive skin we even avoid wheat, soy, common allergen nut oils, salicylates and dairy derivatives.) To maintain a reasonable product ‘shelf-life’, we rely on a combination of proven, safe antimicrobials found in nature and the broad spectrum of antioxidants naturally present in the plant oils and herbs we use.

Plus, our products are tested on our panel of volunteers who all have allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

The precautionary principle also guides the Soil Association’s standards for organic health and beauty products. So if you buy a product with the Soil Association logo on, you know that the ingredients have been rigorously checked and for any potential harm (either to humans or the environment).

Artificial Fragrance

Artificial fragrance falls under the category of 'synthetic', so we do not use in our products. 


We do not, never have, and never will use any microplastics in our products. As a wholly certified organic company, we also wouldn’t be allowed to; the aquatic toxicity and other environmental standards are incredibly strict. Instead of these nasty little beads, we use natural materials such as sugar, poppy seed and oatmeal as exfoliants instead.

Palm Oil

We have never used palm oil as an ingredient in any Odylique products. We do use a couple of ingredients that may use palm oil as an input material, for example, the emulsifiers cetearyl glucoside or cetearyl alcohol, which are largely derived from corn sugar and or coconut. We have sought assurance from our suppliers that if they are at certain times obliged to use palm oil as a feeder material, it is from a certified sustainable (RSPO) source. This is also a requirement of our organic certification along with a guarantee of no genetically modified ingredients.

Common Allergens

We exclude common allergens - lanolin, wheat, dairy and soya derivatives, salicylic acid, peanut oil, common allergen tree nut oils, and more.

Cruelty Free

All of our ingredients are cruelty-free. 

Heavy Metals

Our products do not contain aluminium, nickel, titanium or any other heavy metals.